Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Cool Job, A Familar State, and a New Path

I've been here before, I lived in Colorado for about a year before I went to Belgium. It's one of those places, like belgium, that you don't realize you miss until you leave. Sure it's great fun when you're there, and you try not to take it for granted, but after you leave you think of all the experiences you had there. And with that fondness you wish you had never left.
I won't be returning to Belgium next year. I have taken the lead tech position at my old shop at the REI here in Fort Collins Colorado. Yes, I finally made it back. It took me two years, and every time I talked to any of my friends who were left in Co, I would always tell them that I was coming back, and of course they didn't think so. Even I had my doubts. I was afraid that I would never make it back. For whatever reason, this would be that unobtainable place that you always hear your, usually older, friends talk about that place that they lived for a while when they were young but then settled down elsewhere and could never make it back.
Not me
So here I am, made it back for good this time. And got a sweet job to boot. Lead tech in a bike and ski shop. Two things I certainly love to do. I haven't been skiing much over the past two years since training took so much time and didn't leave me with any time left for anything else. Now, I'm not training as much, or hardly at all like I was this time last year. I will get back on the bike and race again, but this year it won't be all road. I'd like to stray into the knobby side of cycling and do more mountain. I've also signed up for a membership at the local climbing gym. Even bought a harness and have a rope for lead climbing on the way from my brother. Went and got a Summit county ski pass for all the slopes.
What can I say, life's good in colorado.

Now if we can just get some more snow in the mountains!

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