Friday, May 6, 2011

Stage 2, short version.

     This will be brief since we are all getting up very early tomorrow for the time trial. I attacked in the beginning of the race to get up the road. I went with just one other guy in tow, but he was pretty strong. We soon had a big gap of over 2 min and there were two guys 1:30 ahead of us. Unfortunately one of the riders up the road ahead of us was on the same team as the guy I was with so my group didn't get far. but the job was to  take the pressure off Peter in the peloton and save him for later in the race.
     Peter raced well and is now 4th in GC with only 6 other guys in contention. the rest of the race was very difficult with lots of narrow roads and strong winds. I finished in the groupetto with Arne, Thomas finished with Matthew a group ahead of us and Paavo finished with Peter. A very long day indeed.
     Tomorrow will be a very long day, a time trial in the morning and a 100k race in the afternoon.

     The peloton keeps getting smaller and smaller.


  1. Alright! You finished! Sounds like good work for Peter, too. Way to go, Peter! Nighty-night! unowho

  2. Well, you did make it into a break. It's pretty much all for Peter and GC now. If the legs are fried, no sense in going hard in the TT. If you got something left, than give it a shot. Hang in through the whole Tour, give team support and it's the best training for Triptique.

  3. Thanks for today's up-date.
    Go Team Go !!!!!!!
    Good Luck tomorrow.

    Thanks for the race up-date.
    Go Team Go !!!!!
    Good Luck tomorrow.