Sunday, April 24, 2011

Affligem, Zellik-Galmaarden, and some Kermis'

In reverse order, those are the races I've done since i posted last (its been a while I know). A kermis in Torhout, then one in Evergem, both were difficult but very different races. Torhout was very technical, while Evergem was very dangerous. I finished 33rd in both races but I felt much better in Evergem than the two days before when I did Torhout. With some nasty potholes and very narrow roads with strong winds, staying in the front of the group only meant survival, but that is the game plan for about every kermis race.
I did some hard training in between those races, rested for a day, then hit it hard again with 3 more days of hill training. Oh yea, and of course a UCI race in between those days. It's beginning to blend together, which means we are going "full gas" now into the season.
     That UCI race was Zellik-Galmaarden, and it was the toughest race I have done  yet . Twice up the Muur and 6 time up the Bosberg and the Congoberg created a wonderful suffer fest. I didn't finish last year, In fact I never made it three times up the Bosberg, sometimes crossing the finish line, even for 109th, feels pretty good.
   So, on to today. We are going to Affligem, a UCI 1.12 of about 100 miles or 160km. We do go up the Muur and the Bosberg again but only once each, along with some smaller "bergs" through out the race.
 What can I say more than I feel great today and I'm really looking forward to toeing the start line this afternoon.
We have two squads going out today, ours to Affligem, and another to Roeselare. Both races feature climbs, I think Roeselare goes up the kemmelberg, which is the other favorite cobble hill of the organizers. It;s actually a World War I battle site which was particularly bloody. We fight similar battles, but we are lucky enough to return home afterwards.

Here's a link for our race in Affligem. It's in dutch so it may require some translating, or guessing which is what I do.

I'll follow up with a detailed race report shortly after...well, some time soon.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Dutch translation....The 23 year old Timothy Dupont of Jong Vlanderen team won the 92 th Grand Prix Affligem.
    Good Luck on your races !!!!!!