Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Day Back

     I have only been back for one day but it feels like I never left. After getting settled in and unpacking the luggage the airlines didn't loose, I found myself right at home. It's fun when you go through your old storage boxes and find what you left behind. Things like tires, multi-tools, tubes, riding clothes, all are welcome surprises since I forgot exactly what it was I had left here.
     I spent yesterday, and some today, dialing in my new Fuji Altamira. These bikes are light, very light. All this winter I have been training on my CAAD 9, which is a great bike, but it isn't the lightest or smoothest ride. So, as you can imagine, jumping on this baby was a very welcome change. Super stiff and very smooth. We also have new Rotor cranks, which have an oval chain ring instead of being round and will help to make the rider more efficient by maximizing the power a riders legs can produce, or eliminating the "dead spot." So far, I'm quite impressed. We're also due for new Oval carbon wheels and new Shimano Parts for the new frames. Our frames are just black at the moment and have yet to be christened with decals. They were hand me downs from the pro side of Geox, a very nice hand me down.
     I slept like a rock last night and was early to rise due to the jet lag. Took advantage with an early breakfast and was soon out the door with some my fellow riders returning from last year- Jannes, Paavo, and a new rider Lucas from Switzerland. Only a quick spin was on the schedule for the day since tomorrow is a big 4 hour reconnaissance ride for saturday's race, De Vlaamse Pijl. It was classic Belgian weather, cold and windy with some light fog/mist. Still, its warmer than D.C. and there's now snow here. This weather makes for proper suffering and race conditions.
     After a quick ride it was time to head to the grocery stores and stock the pantry. It is much easier this time around since I know where to go get the foods I want. My first stop was the local bakery De Knokke, who makes the best bread I have ever had. That good. There is no need for ride food when training with this stuff, just some jam and honey in between two loaves of delicious volkoren brood is all you need.
     Tomorrow will be a sneak peak at the pain and suffering in store for Saturday. I am very happy to be preparing to toe the start line. I'll be sure to double check my handlebar bolts this time ;)


  1. Yeah, I remember those loose handlebars, had to pull the plug early in that race :) Hmmm volkorenbrood met choco, except you can't have choco (Nutella), but so good. Glad you're settling in quickly and out riding already. So you're a confirmed starter for Vlaamse Pijl?

  2. You are in Belgium!!!! You are in Belgium!!!!
    I'm looking forward to another JERSEY !!!!!!