Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 1st! (Well, Actually the 3rd)

The beginning of November means its back to business and time to start training. It has been a while since my last post, about a whole month before I left Belgium on the 31st of August. I spent about two months off the bike. Sure I rode here and there but nothing to even count as training. I did a lot of cross training though, Lumberjack style!
We used to have 6 Bradford Pear trees lining our driveway that had grown too tall and needed to severe pruning. Over the last couple of winters it was not uncommon to walk out to find my car had broken the fall of a rather large limb. So to the ground they went. I count it as weight lifting and cardio all in one. Lifting a 200 pound stump into the wagon isnt easy, nor is splitting a 300 pound stump with a sledge hammer and a wedge. Great for exercise though!
So, I did my good deed for my parents and got a good workout. I also got to play with our new 55cc farmboss chainsaw. Always a good time and I still have all four...ahem.....limbs!
Alas, I am back from vacation at Hilton Head island. No more beach time and no more excessive drinking. Damn....Gotta cut those calories!

I always find that I don't realize how much I miss riding until I actually go out......and ride.After being sedentary for too long you forget how much fun it can be. I just hope that fun feeling stays for a while. Because I know.......I know how much fun it will be when I'm putting toe warmers in my shoes and wearing my ski helmet to battle the cold, that it isn't fun all the time. It's work, hard work, but that's what it takes.
I didn't have a great season, but it was a great season for experience. When I look back on it I am always reminded of all the injuries and sicknesses I had which prevented me from getting the form I wanted. On the brighter side, I learned a lot and most importantly I learned when I need to do differently this year to make it happen for the next.

More on that to come....

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