Saturday, July 17, 2010


Is the town for our next race tomorrow at 1 pm, which is 7 am for most of you across the pond. Some good stuff has been happening since my last belated post......I placed 4th in a Kermesse two weekends ago and the race was just outside of Brugge. That race was different from all the other kermesses I have done but interestingly enough it was more similar to the crits back home, many of which are held in business parks with wide open roads. This one went through a small neighborhood and through a large industrial park which lies along side the main canal that links Brugge to the coast. We had guys in a good move but it came back and in the last lap two guys escaped off the front. The finish line was just after a turn so it came up quick. I had a good lead out from some team mates and was just nipped for 4th.
     The race after that was a UCI 1.12 near Antwerp so it was very flat. The move of the day went literally from the line after the start but fortunately Peter spotted it and went along. That group stayed away until the very end but there were subsequent attacks, like their always are, in the break which was about 10 guys I think. Peter was caught out on the front when they attacked. It was those three that stayed away until the end. It was also very hot, a couple of times I went back to get bottles for the guys in addition to the bottles we were getting in the feed zones.
     I raced more recently on Thursday in a local kermesse in a near by town called Gistel. It was super windy and there were some tricky spots where the wind could really get a piece of you on narrow roads. Also, the kermesse king himself showed up. Mr Cocquyt and company was present. For those not in the know, this guy is in his 50's and wins...a lot. Career wins are in the hundreds I'm sure but when he's there you know he will be in the top 3. I didn't do as well in this race as I wanted. I was not smart and burned a lot of energy too early. I made a huge effort to bridge to a group ahead and when I made it the following group I just left rolled right up to us. The group stopped working together (no one works together in Kermie races) and I felt like an idiot for wasting all that energy but that's how it goes sometimes. After the first hour the pace sky rocketed and for a couple laps all I could do was hang on to the wheel in front of me. That was the result of Cocuyt and his team attacking. A group of 8 got off the front with him and another team mate. There was a second chase group and our first guys were in the third group with two Fujis. I was in the 4th, or what was left of the peloton. Knowing I only had a few big efforts left I wanted to be sure  I wouldn't get dropped out of the group. I crossed the line somewhere in the 40's.

You only have so much energy in a race. You can't take back wasted efforts so its frustrating when you see your efforts going to waste but even more difficult when you don't and then you pay the price of either bonking, , cramping....or worse of all...missing the break.

Tomorrow will be a better race where nothing goes to waste! :)

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