Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Sunny Day on the Canals

I posted some canal pics earlier in the season when I first arrived but now that the leaves are fully out (the season is a little slow) its quite a sight. Most of the canals run parallel with these tall trees as straight as a fence row. Sometimes it seems like you might end up in Middle-Earth with little hobbits running around for a ring.
We just got internet back at the center, apparently a communication line was cut and it took the ISP almost a week to fix it. I know that im not in america anymore where everything is done right now, but cmon lets face it. How many of us can live without checking our email 5 times a day or seeing what the background on a forgotten 80's band on Wikipedia is??.....None. don't lie! life didn't exist before the internet.
Now that we are back in the 21st century again its time to focus on the second half of the season here in Belgium racing a bicycle. I spent the last week on the couch and touring some of the finer bars in Brugge. Hey, it was my rest week and I had a lot of beer and sightseeing to catch up on. Plus my right knee has been giving my problems so a week off the bike was good to let it heal and is feeling much better now.
This Sunday is back to business with a UCI 1.2 race in Wavre, back to the deep end for sure. I hope I brought my water wings!

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  1. Canal picture is beautiful.
    Good Luck on the Wavre Race !!!