Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On the Road Again

Sorry for the delay over the past couple days but  I can say that I am riding again and not on the trainer. Much to my surprise riding outside doesn't bother the ol jaw. The longest ride I have done was 2.5 hours with no problems. There were other hurdles I had to jump over tho, such as eating. Usually I pack a couple powerbras and I'm good to go which in my case would not do me any good. Like being stranded with a can of tuna but no can opener, I would have no way to eat the yummy taffy-like goodness of my powerbars. So in going along with my soft foods cuisine, I packed a special...squishy....lunch.

Cooked up some potatoes, kidney beans, and pasta and presto! Energy for miles, er umm kilometers. I can't eat while riding so I have to stop in wherever small town I'm going through and have a bite to eat. I even bring a a spoon or fork, depending on what's on the menu. 

The jaw is getting better, I can bite down with enough force to eat pasta and inflict pain on my fingertips. My teeth still don't align correctly when I bite down but right now all I want is to be able to eat normally. From what I have been told my teeth alignment will come back eventually. 

Today was bike fit day. due to the weather with threatening hail storms our training ride was canceled and I was whisked off to the town of Inglemunster to see one of the best bike fit specialists around.

Ya know its funny, how many times I have "fit" a customer to a bike and given them my opinions, which are generally sound..I mean I am by no means a fit specialist...but I can tell you when your saddle is too low or your stem is too short, or the reason why your groin goes numb as I point to the nose of your saddle that has the trajectory of a lawn dart. 

Well, apparently not. My stem was too short, and my saddle too low, and best of all my cleat positioning was way off. That was the best part, the doc  just looked at me and shook his head. Granted I DID just change out my cleats to the non-float red ones and I HAVE been tweaking it about every other ride to get them to feel right. Tisk tisk tisk......lol. Well, they're perfect now. The C'dale is rearin to go with a 130mm stem and a proper seat height, and it feels much better. Can't wait to get out for a long ride and really feel the difference.

The coolest part of it was he gave me a frame diagram with all the perfect measurements for each tube and angle that I would need if I were getting a bike custom built.  I will be sure to keep that in safe keeping for a future build.  

So to any of my customers who are now worried their cleats are not aligned properly, or their stem is too short, or their saddle is to low......don't blame me...I just work here...;) 


  1. Great to hear you are back on the bike riding outdoors. I recommend not falling off for awhile.


  2. Good to hear that your jaw is improving and you are back on the bike.